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2023 Guitar Show - Confirmed Exhibitors September 1st

01-Sep-2023 - Regina SK

Welcome to these Exhibitors for the 2023 Edmonton and Calgary Guitar Shows!

More Exhibitors Confirmed this Weekend

We're excited to welcome these new and returning Exhibitors to our Edmonton and Calgary Guitar Shows this fall.

Roosters Acoustics

Muzyka Guitars

Black Mountain Picks

DN Collector

Winston and Fidel Cigar Box Guitars

Innovations Music

Mountain Voice Inc.

Acoustic Music Shop

Guitar Bazaar

BT Sound

Stu's Blues

See the Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor Lineup and Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor Lineup!

Exhibitors Confirmed Prior Weeks

Astro Amps

Stang Guitars

DC Collector (5 tables!)

Kiss & Co. Custom Shop (all the custom parts you can imagine!)

Rock and Roll Society of EdmontRoosterson

Sandham Instruments

Classical Guitar Society of Calgary

Steve Rogers Collage

Northwood Guitars

Well-Hung Guitar Accessories

Exothermic Guitars

Cars and Guitars

Kiss and Co. Custom Shop

Frozen Rose Guitars

Music Labs

Production World Inc.

R Guitars

Northerner Guitars

JTree Guitars

Leduc's Own Music Shop

R Guitars

Amplitude Audio

Stonehouse Guitars

Blue Diamond Strings 'n Things

Gilmore Guitars

Guitar OR

CJ Collector